Minecraft Shaders Mods Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft [1.7.10/1.8]

Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft [1.7.10/1.8]

TooManyItems Mod

The Too Many Items mod is a great and fun tool for players who want to unlock the limitless features. Players can access endless content by playing hardcore or survival mode. Too Many Items Mod is a great tool for the single-player mode, as they offer you access to spawners.

Too Many Items Mod

Creative mode in Minecraft is everyone’s favorite as it enables the players to build things. Working calculators, giant flush, roller coasters and a lot more have been created so far. This free access to unlimited items makes the Creative mode so fun. What if, you could enjoy the same feature in a Survival mode or on a Hardcore Mode?…

The answer to that question is, Yes. Too Many Items Mod is a perfect Minecraft mod that gives the players whatever they need, irrespective of the gameplay mode they choose.

If you like to dig, but don’t want to bring in unnecessary garbage or dirt, this mod also offers you the trash can. This allows players to delete items from inventory. Right-click on a specific item to delete it or click Shift to delete the entire inventory. If you want to use Too Many Items mod on an online server, you must be a server operator.

Installation Steps To Add Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft

Method 1: Install TooManyMods without Forge

Step 1:  Open your launcher (Make sure that the version of Minecraft you are using is compatible with the mod installed).

Step 2: Go to the profile and click on the edit profile button found at the corner of the window.

Step 3: Now open the game directory and navigate to the versions folder.

Step 4: Rename the folder with the appropriate version for better identification.

Step 5: Go to the modded folder and rename your .jar and .json files to follow the suit.

Step 6: Now open that .json file with a text editor. Find the line the has the id.

Step 7: Once you find the id line, just add “_Modded” after the version number.

Step 8: Open the mod’s file using an archival tool and move them into the .jar folder that you have renamed. Then delete the META-INF file.

Step 9: Now restart your launcher and edit the profile again.

Step 10: Go to the version tab and select your modded version. Enjoy your game now.

Method 2: Install TooManyMods with Forge

Step 1: Download and install Minecraft Forge. [take interlink form the Minecraft forge post]

Step 2: Download the Too Many Items Mod.

Step 3: Copy the mod jar file and paste it in the “.minecraft/mods” folder. If you don’t find such a folder, just launch your Minecraft with Forge API. The folder will be created then.

Step 4:  Once you place the jar file in the respective folder, run your Minecraft with forge.

Step 5: You have successfully installed the Too Many Items mod. Start to play and enjoy your game.

Wrapping up

The Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft will add a wide range of useful items to your inventory. In fact, you can consider it as the inventory editor, which on pressing “O” will bring you a menu with a large section containing all the items.

Modifying Too Many Items can help you to solve a problem when combining different 3D works. As the mod is featured with active gases, that will help you in switching between items at the right time. So what are you waiting for, install the Too Many Items Mod and enjoy your gameplay.

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