Continuum Shaders Download and Install Guide

Minecraft Shaders Continuum Shaders Download and Install Guide

If you are looking for the replacement for SEUS shaders, Continuum shaders is the apt one to fill that spot. It’s an unofficial shader developed by cody Darr. Continuum shadder is a stand alone shader pack. You wont need any of the additional pack to use this feature. And its the only shader which rivals the SEUS shader pack.

Like SEUS, Continuum shaders requires a high end PC to cope up with its graphics performance. Some of the noteable changes for continuum shaders are gradients of light, realistic clouds, moving shadows, and fog effects. These efforts are totally mind blowing.

When testing the shader pack, the performance was amazing on the system with high graphics. If your PC has an integrated graphics, probably this shader won’t work for you. In that case, you can switch over to lite version.

Even a system with 980Ti can render only within 30 to 40 FPS while running Minecraft at 1080p. The results with higher GPU’s are amazing! The Continuum shader performance lacks with the card below 500 series. To render such high-quality output more processing power is required. Follow the below steps to install Continuum shaders.

How to install Continuum Shaders?

  1. Download and install Oftifine HD Mod on your Minecraft client.
  2. . Now go the location, where the application files are stored. For windows navigate to %appdata%/minecraft. For iOs, navigate to Library/Application Support/Minecraft. For Linux Os, navigate to /.minecraft
  3. Search for shader pack folder. If not found, create one on the same location.
  4. Copy the extracted files from the Continuum Shaders zip file. (Download the file from the below links)
  5. Now you can select the shader from the options > Shaders
  6. All set to go! Now enjoy Continuum shader to the full extent.

Download links for Continuum Shaders

Download Continuum Shaders Standard
Download Continuum Shaders Standard DOF
Download Continuum Shaders LITE
Download Continuum Shaders LOW
Download Continuum Shaders Medium
Download Continuum Shaders Medium DOF
Download Continuum Shaders High
Download Continuum Shaders High DOF
Download Continuum Shaders Ultra
Download Continuum Shaders Ultra DOF
Download Continuum Shaders Extreme DOF
Download Continuum Shaders Cinematic

This shader is only for high-end PC. If you are running a beast, you can try this shader. If you are having a mid-level PC, you can go for the Lite version. Or else, you can try some other lite shaders. These are the steps to download and install Continuum Shaders on your Minecraft client. If you are facing any issue do comment below.